Muslim population of Europe

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Muslim population of Europe

Post  polka23dot on Wed May 09, 2012 10:49 am

Fertility rate for Muslims vs. non-Muslims in Europe:

Islam is already the fastest-growing religion in Europe. Driven by immigration and high birthrates, the number of Muslims on the continent has tripled in the last 30 years. Most demographers forecast a similar or even higher rate of growth in the coming decades. source:

Europe’s Muslim population is set to increase from around 13% today to between 22% and 37% of the population by 2025. source:

The average European couple now has fewer than 1.4 babies, compared to 3.6 babies born to the average Muslim immigrant couple in Europe. Across Western Europe 16 to 20 percent of babies are being born into Muslim families… By 2025, one-third of all European children will be born to Muslims… In Italy, 95% of all rapists are Muslims. Eighty-five percent of all murderers are Muslims… France will have a Muslim majority in less than 25 years! Another telling statistic is that although the Muslims are 12% of France's population, 70 percent of a total of 60,775 prisoners in France are Muslims! All of France's urban suburbs are being roamed by Muslim black African or Arabic gangs… A very high proportion of French Muslims are in the underclass, that segment of the population that relies not so much on education and work as on welfare and predatory activities. In fact, over one thousand Muslim neighborhoods are under monitoring throughout France. Seven hundred of those Muslim neighborhoods are listed as "violent" and nearly 400 hundred are listed as "very violent." Violence ranges from rape (95% of rapists are Muslim), murder (85% of murderers are Muslim), theft and looting of cars (58% committed by Muslims) and street fighting to assault on teachers and civil servants… source:  

This prison is majority Muslim -- as is virtually every house of incarceration in France. About 60 to 70 percent of all inmates in the country's prison system are Muslim, according to Muslim leaders, sociologists and researchers, though Muslims make up only about 12 percent of the country's population... In Britain, 11 percent of prisoners are Muslim in contrast to about 3 percent of all inhabitants, according to the Justice Ministry. Research by the Open Society Institute, an advocacy organization, shows that in the Netherlands 20 percent of adult prisoners and 26 percent of all juvenile offenders are Muslim; the country is about 5.5 percent Muslim. In Belgium, Muslims from Morocco and Turkey make up at least 16 percent of the prison population, compared with 2 percent of the general populace, the research found.

In 1900, Western Europe as a whole had just fifty thousand or so resident Muslims, almost all of them living in France. In 1970, the figure was only around three or four million in Western Europe. In 2008, this figure is estimated to be in the region of 20 million-this in Western Europe alone, and growing rapidly. source:

Why did Bosnia collapse into the worst slaughter in Europe since World War Two? In the thirty years before the meltdown, Bosnian Serbs had declined from 43 percent to 31 percent of the population, while Bosnian Muslims had increased from 26 percent to 44 percent. In a democratic age, you can’t buck demography—except through civil war. The Serbs figured that out — as other Continentals will in the years ahead: if you can’t outbreed the enemy, cull ’em. The problem that Europe faces is that Bosnia’s demographic profile is now the model for the entire continent. source:

Across Europe, opposition to Muslim immigration runs at a steady 60 to 65 per cent; the people of the Continent didn’t want the immigration in the first place, are not happy with the way in which the incomers have failed to integrate and do not want any more. source:

Muslim population of Britain doubled in the last decade:

Speech made by Paul Weston (chairman of British Freedom Party) in New York City on February 23, 2012:

By 2066, according to one demographer, white Britons will be in a minority. source:

Preventing white genocide:

Muslim population of major European and UK cities and towns is growing at around 3% a  year due to immigration and higher birth rates. Meanwhile the indigenous population of many cities and towns is falling by about 1.5% a year due to lower birth rates and “while flight”. If these two trends continue, and there is no reason to suppose they won’t, then within 25 years Muslims will be in a majority in European cities like Marseille, Brussels, Amsterdam and Rotterdam and British cities and towns such as Birmingham, Luton, Slough, Bradford and Leicester. source:

One in 10 babies in England are now Muslims:

A record number of foreign citizens were deported from Norway last year, after country's police stepped up the use of deportation as a way of fighting crime... Nigerian citizens topped the list of those expelled for committing crimes, with 232 citizens expelled as a punishment in 2013, followed by Afghan citizens with 136 expelled as a punishment, and 76 Moroccans expelled as a punishment. source:

Ireland's Central Statistics Office reported that between 1991 and 2011, the percentage of Irish residents who were Muslim jumped from 0.1 percent to 1 percent (equating to about 49,000 people). By 2020, Ireland’s Islamic population will more than double to at least 100,000. The increase is attributed to both immigration and population growth. source:

The changing face of Britain: A child in Birmingham is now more likely to be a Muslim than Christian. source: im-than-christian.html

There are already large cities in Europe which will have a Muslim majority within five to seven years... The first European city which will have a Muslim majority by the end of the decade is Marseilles, the second largest city in France, where Muslims already make up 30% to 40% of the population... By the end of the decade, a Muslim majority is also expected in Barcelona, Spain, where about 30% of residents are Muslims... The Muslim immigration rate to Spain is huge, and so is the birthrate, which leans on the welfare policy of the clumsy, suicidal giant called the "European Union." Another city where a Muslim majority is expected very soon is Brussels, which is ironically the capital of the "European Union" and where 25-30% of residents today are Muslim. source:

Sweden’s Muslim population will reach 40% by 2030, France will have a 55% Muslim population, Netherlands 45%, Germany 40%, Britain 40%. These countries will cease to exist as a Western democracy. source:

Muslim population in the UK will almost double to 5.5 million within 20 years... In the U.S., the number of Muslims will also double by 2030 - rising to 6.2 million from 2.6 million today. source:

The number of children growing up as Muslims in the UK has almost doubled in a decade. source:

According to British Office for National Statistics, Pakistan-born women in Britain have an average of 4.7 children, while Bangladeshi women in Britain have 3.9, both significantly above that average British birth rate of 1∙6 children... If immigration policies continue as they are and demographic transition does not happen for fifty years or more, then the Muslim population projection of 26 million by the year 2051 can be rationally defended. source:

New statistics released by a senior German academic confirm previous forecasts suggesting the majority of so-called Syrian refugees coming to Europe are functionally illiterate and have no hope of joining the job market. source:

France's Muslim population could quickly grow to close to 15-17 million, but no one can know precisely unless the law prohibiting the official collection of ethnic data is changed. source:

In 1990, Muslims in Spain numbered 100,000. By 2010, the number had increased to 1.5 million. In 2017, the number was nearly two million. It is a growth of 1,900% in 27 years. source:

Forty percent of children under five and born in Germany today have foreign roots... Gradual replacement of the non-Muslim population with a Muslim population is taking place... Demographer Michael Paulwitz wrote a year ago that unless the current trends are reversed, Germans will become a minority in their own country, possibly in fifteen to twenty years. source:

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